Effect of cereal fibre on the physico-chemical quality and sensory acceptability of instant fish crackers


A. Che Rohani, M. Nor Salasiah and Y. Ashadi


The effect of adding fibre from wheat and oat on moisture, protein, fat, total dietary fibre (TDF), instrumental texture, instrumental colour and sensory responses of instant fish crackers was studied. The product was prepared by mixing fish meat, starch and other ingredients into a smooth paste, stuffed into casing, cooked, sliced and deep-fried in hot oil until crispy. Adding fibre had no significant effect (p >0.05) on the moisture and protein contents of the product. Addition of fibre from both cereals also had significantly increased (p <0.01) the total dietary fibre content (TDF), decreased (p <0.05) the fat content and significantly increased the hardness value of the product. The mean sensory responses for all attributes decreased significantly (p <0.05) at 5% fibre addition but the product with both fibres remained acceptable up to 8% fibre addition. Instant fish crackers enriched with oat fibre contained 16.0% TDF, 25% fat and 9% protein and the wheat fibre-enriched instant fish crackers contained 16.0% TDF, 28% fat and 8% protein.

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