Effects of aging on physico-chemical properties, nutritional compositions and cooking characteristics of Bario rice


D. Nicholas, H.P. Chua, A. Rosniyana and K.K. Hazila


Bario rice varieties, Adan Halus, Bario Tuan, Bario Merah Sederhana and Bario Celum undergo some changes in physico-chemical properties, nutritional composition and cooking characteristics during storage. The study showed that moisture content in aged Adan Halus, Bario Tuan and Bario Celum were significantly decreased. Aging significantly increased the amylose content of all Bario rice samples and the rice was harder and less sticky. The calcium and iron contents also increased significantly. However, aging does not affect the protein, ash, carbohydrate, fat, crude fibre and sodium contents of Bario rice. The protein content ranged from 5.4 to 8.9% which can be considered as a good source of protein. Significant increase in phosphorus and decrease in potassium in Bario Merah Sederhana and Bario Celum depend on the concentration of minerals in the bran of the coloured Bario varieties. All fresh Bario rice are high in thiamine (>0.42 mg/100 g) but aging significantly decreased the thiamine content. Aged Bario rice required longer cooking time compared to fresh samples. It was also observed that Bario rice varieties were not elongated (ratio less than 2) during cooking. Water uptake ratio significantly increased in aged Bario Tuan, while solid loss was significantly reduced in Bario Tuan, Bario Merah Sederhana and Bario Celum.

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