The response of groundnut to inoculation at field sites in Peninsular Malaysia


J. Sundram, R. J. Roughley, R. A. Date and T. Pitman


Groundnuts were sown at six sites in Peninsular Malaysia to assess the need for inoculation with bradyrhizobia. Strains of bradyrhizobia capable of nodulating groundnuts occurred at all the six sites. Inoculation with the highly effective strains MS13 and NC92 failed to increase nodule number but it increased nodule mass at two sites. Mean nodule mass at each site was unaffected by treatment. More nodules were formed by both the strains NC92 and MS13 at one site but only by NC92 at another, indicating strain and site specificity. Neither inoculation nor the addition of N increased vegetative growth at 50 days or seed yield; these two variables appeared to be unrelated.

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