Injury of Kensington mangoes stored in polyethylene bags


P. F. Lam. S. P. Cole and G. R. Chaplin


Kensington mangoes were kept at ambient temperature (250C to 340C) or at 200C in polyethylene bags with or without Purafil. The fruit ripened normally when the bags we re opened after 2 days and 5 days of storage respectively. irrespective of the presence of Purafil. However. when the storage period in polyethylene bags was extended to 9 days and l3 days respectively the mangoes were injured due to high carbon dioxide or low oxygen in the bags. Fruit storcd without Purafil had an outer soft mesocarp and an inner hard mesocarp. Fruit stored with Purafil were hard before the bags were opened but the whole fruit softened after a few days exposure to air. The levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen reached were about 14% and 27c respectively.

Full Text (236 KB)

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