Some observations on the quality of meat from Kedah-Kelantan cattle at different ages


Wan Zahari Mohamed, C.Devendra and Chuah Eng Chong


A paper is reported on some aspects of the n*** quality of 12 Kedah-Kelantan heifers from the rural areas, at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months age. Three animals were slaughtered in each age group. The criteria studied included tenderness,juiciness, water holding capacity and cooking loss. The correlation between age and tenderness measured with the Warner-Bratzler Shear apparatus was statistically significant (r = 0.999, P<0.01), and gave the regression equationY = A60290 + 0.234X where Y is the tanderness value and X is the age.The correlation between age and tenderness evaluated by a panel was not statistically significant. The juiciness of the meat decreased with age and this was also statistically significant (r = 0.975, p<0.05). On the other hand, the correlation between age and the water holding capacity was not statistically significant. No correlation was observed for the relationship between water holding capacity and juiciness; and between cooking loss and age.

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