Effect of microwave (2450 MHz.) on sitophilus oryzae (L) . (Coleoptera:curculionidae) in stored rice


Tee Sze Peng and Lim Guan Soon 


The possible use of microwave heating was explored on S. oryzae. 100% mortality was obtained for adults with an exposure time of 180 secs. However, complete kill for larvae concealed in grain and for naked larvae was achieved following exposures of 180 and 240 secs. respectively. Within the rice medium (13% moisture content), 600 secs.exposure gave complete kill of adult weevils.The rice mass temperature for this exposure time was slightly above 600C at the top (0-3 cm) and 900C at the bottom (3-6 cm) layer. In general,it was observed that for each exposure time, mortality increased with depth.

Full Text ( 381 KB ) 

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