Maturation of Malaysian fruits P. storage conditions and ripening of papaya (Carica papaya L. CV. Sunrise solo)


W.J.Broughton1, A.W. Hashim2,T.C.Shen3 and I.K.P.Tan1


An investigation was made into factors affecting the ripening of harvested papaya fruits. A temperature of about 20'C was optimal both for inducing ripening and for satisfactory storage of the fruits.Temperatures above this made the fruit susceptible to fungal attack, while at lower temperatures the onset of the climacteric was delayed, but "Chilling injuries" were manifested. Room temperature (28oC to 32oC) was particularly unsuitable for fruit storage. Removal of ethylene or water from the storage atmosphere had no apparent effect on the onset of the climacteric. while removal of carbon dioxide hastened the process. The climacteric of fruits in water saturated atmospheres was only slightly delayed. Glucose levels increased as the fruits ripened. but dropped with prolonged storage. Recommended storage conditions are: temperature 20oC, humidity about 50% and with slightly elevated carbon dioxide levels if possible. Under these conditions fruit harvested 80 to 90 days after anthesis (and still very green) will ripen satisfactorily and can be kept for seven to fourteen days. 

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