The use of tapioca in broiler diets


S.W.Yeong and Syed Ali, A.B


Five experiments were conducted to study the possibility of replacing maize with tapioca chips in broiler-finisher diets.In the first two trials,five isonitrogenous and isocaloric diets with graded levels of ground tapioca chips (0%, 15%, 30%, 40% and 50%) substituting maize, were fed to commercial broiler chickens from 5th to 10th week. It was observed that as the tapioca levels increased, the body weight and feed efficiency decreased linearly (P<0.01) although the essential amino acids content in all the diets were as high as the requirement levels.Pelleting the tapioca diets slightly improved feed efficiency but could not overcome the adverse effect completely. In the subsequent trials, diets with graded levels of tapioca were supplemented with different levels of methionine. The results showed that 40& or 50% tapioca supplemented with 0.2% methionine were comparable to maize control diet in terms of body weight gains and feed efficiency. No significant difference was found in carcass of broilers fed maize and tapioca diets in terms of percentage of ready-to-cook and meat to bone ratio. Absence of yellow pigment in the skin, shanks and depot fat was observed in broilers fed high tapioca diets.

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