Yield response of tobacco to different levels of nitrogen and potassium on alluvial soil in Kelantan


A.C. Leong


All the treatment combinations yielded significantly higher compared to the control. The yield response to nitrogen was linear. The level of nitrogen at 50.4 kg ha-1 yielded significantly higher than the levels of 33.6 to 44.8 kg ha-1 with no significant differences between N treatments up to 44.8 kg N ha-1. No deterioration of the visual quality of the cured leaves was observed at 50.4 kg N ha-1. No significant yield difference was detected between the different levels of potassium. The best treatment combination was a1 39.2 kg N ha-1 and 168.1 kg K2O ha-1 which approximated to the value obtained from differentiation of the multiple regression equation.

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