The influence of genotype and media on callus induction and green plant regeneration of F1 genotypes of Oryza sativa L.


M.Z. Abdullah, G. Hamidah and A. Latifah


Callus induction and green plant regeneration from cultured anthers of 33 F1 genotypes and rice variety, Puteh Perak were compared. Modified N6 (control) media namely G-1 and FJ have improved callus induction efficiency. Among the callus induction media, FJ was the best (5.33%), followed by N6 (2.69%) and G-1 (1.71%). For plant regeneration, modified MS media showed improvement, 24.11% for M-3 and 22.29% for M-2 as compared to N19 which was 14.15%. Similarly, for green plant regeneration, the responses were relatively superior in the modified media namely, M-3 (3.60%), M-1 (2.93%) and M-2 (2.31%) as compared to the control (N19) which recorded a 2.23% of green plant regeneration. Better green plant regeneration was obtained from callus induced in G-1(3.8%), followed by N6 (2.75%) and FJ (2.57%). In this study, differential genotype and media responses were clearly indicated in callus induction, total plant regeneration and green plant regeneration.

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