An evaluation of a basic IPM system for the control of coffee berry borer on Liberica coffee


A. Mohd Anuar


An integrated pest management (IPM) system for the control of the coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampei Ferr., was evaluated on Liberica coffee trees at MARDI Station, Kluang, Johor. Briefly, the IPM package included monthly coffee berry borer damage monitoring, insecticide spraying whenever damage threshold was exceeded, application of the white muscardine fungus Beauveria during the rainy season, and tri-yearly bored black berry collection as the cultural control method. Crop cultural practices tested as part of the IPM package included cover-cropping with the legume Arachis pintoi, and scheduled tree pruning. The coffee plot managed under the IPM system gave better performance in terms of reducing coffee borer damage level and increasing coffee yield. Average coffee yield obtained in the IPM plot was 25.9 t/ha, which was 23.7% higher than the coffee plots under the simulated farmer-type system and 23.3% higher than the conventional pest management system. However, the production cost in the IPM system increased an average of 2.3 times and 0.5 times, respectively when compared to the simulated farmer’s system and the conventionally-managed system. There was a slight increase in the net income of the IPM-managed system. Average net income increased by 7.3% and 23.9%, respectively when compared to the simulated farmer-type and conventional systems. It was concluded that the IPM system was a viable tool for the management of coffee berry borer on Liberica coffee in Malaysia, and further improvements would make control of the pest more effective and sustainable in the long run.

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