Diversity assessment of Malaysian rice germplasm accessions for drought tolerant grain yield QTLs


A.R. Site Noorzuraini, T.H. Borromeo, N.C. Nestor, G.M. Diaz and K. Arvind


Diversity among 80 Malaysian rice accessions was assessed based on 119 Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) markers. The Polymorphic Information Content (PIC) values of 89% of the SSR markers were above 0.50 indicating that those markers were highly informative. The presence of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTLs) was assessed based on 45 markers linked to drought grain yield QTLs. Five drought grain yield QTLs were present in the 80 Malaysian rice accessions. The highest frequency was 10.6% found in qDTY12.1 present in Way Rarem, Boewani, Pulut Malaysia 1, CI–9534, IR1561–243–5–6, CICA4, IR2797–156–3, Chianung Sen Yu, MR 142 and Huma Wangi Lenggong. Second highest was qDTY3.1 present in 8.5% of the germplasm, observed in Apo, Mokwoo, Way Rarem, CICA 4, Biris, MR 185, Tainan and Q70. Two UPGMA cluster analysis were performed based on 119 SSR markers and 45 specific SSR markers which linked to QTLs for grain yield under drought. The rice accessions were grouped at 77% similarity coefficient and produced 7 clusters using 119 SSR markers and 9 clusters using 45 specific SSR markers.

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