Cocoa pod depredation potential and pest status of some mammals


C. H. Lee


Pod damage potential of rodent species and two treeshrews trapped from cocoa plantings in inland and coastal areas of Peninsular Malaysia was assessed. Similarly, pod damage potential of Rattus tiomanicus  of age-weight 40–160 g at 20 g class intervals was also studied. Squirrels of the Callosciurus  species on the average damaged 4 pods/animal daily while the Sundasciurus  species damaged 2 pods/animal daily. Civet cats, the field rats and C. gliroides damaged less than 1 pod/animal daily while the forest rats ( Leopoldamys sabanus, Stenomys bowersii and Maxomys whiteheadi) and the treeshrews (Tupaia glis and T. minor ) were unable to damage any pod. The damage potential of R. tiomanicus  increased with animal age-weight and animal grouping, the latter indicating that learning and adaptation are important factors.

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