New rapid method for cow’s skin (jangat) processing


H.Z. Umi Kalsum, H. Mohamed Shafit, M.N. Dayana, I. Nazarifah and S. Mohd Firdaus

This study was carried out to develop a new rapid technique of processing cow’s skin compared to the conventional process. The conventional process involves immersing in a 1.25% sodium hydroxide solution for 24 h for hair removal, followed by defatting and the overall process took two days. Proximate, physicochemical, vitamin, mineral, texture and sensory characteristics were analysed. The total dietary fibre sample was increased significantly (p <0.05) using the new technology compared to the conventional process. Ash, moisture, protein, fat, energy and mineral contents decreased significantly (p <0.05) using the new technology compared to the conventional process. The cholesterol content in the conventional sample (12.41 mg/100 g) and new technology sample (5.68 mg/100 g) was significantly different (p <0.05). For texture analysis, there was significant difference (p <0.05) between the conventional sample and new technology sample for hardness, rupture and rubbery. The sensory evaluation results showed that there were no significant differences between the conventional and new technology samples for all attributes. This study indicated that the new technology sample could be commercialised as a potential healthy food-based product which is low in fat, cholesterol and energy contents, high in fibre, vitamin A and acceptable by consumers.

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