Evaluation of vitexin content in ten accessions of Ficus deltoidea Jack (mas cotek)


J. Samsiah, M.S. Rosalizan, D. Thiyagu, M. Osman, S. Noor Safuraa and B. Siti Salwah

Ficus deltoidea Jack (mas cotek) of family Moraceae is originally an epiphyte growing on another plant. This plant has many accessions with different shapes of leaves such as elliptical, obovate or spatulate. The accession with spatulate shaped leaves is the most widely grown and used. The plant contains various phytochemicals of which the marker compound is identified as vitexin. Thus, a study was conducted to evaluate the content of vitexin in ten accessions of mas cotek using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The high content of vitexin would determine the best accession and the best time for harvesting mas cotek. Out of 10 accessions analysed, two of the accessions, V11 and V10, had the highest vitexin content, 44.14 and 20.46 μg/g respectively. Both these accessions also showed a high content of vitexin for all three harvesting times.

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